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Questions relating to cosmetic sclerotherapy of spider veins and reticular (blue) veins

How well does sclerotherapy work?

Sclerotherapy is the most effective method of treating spider veins and reticular veins on the legs. This is because the sclerosant is able to treat an entire network of veins not just those that are visible.

Aren’t lasers better than sclerotherapy?

Lasers and other light based treatments are significantly less effective and are more painful than sclerotherapy for treating leg veins. We do not use lasers to treat spider or reticular veins.

Does sclerotherapy hurt?

Most people are surprised at the minimal discomfort and are reassured after the treatments begin. For those patients who are more sensitive or are afraid of injections, a mild oral sedative may be taken before the treatment.

Is sclerotherapy dangerous?

The number of serious reactions to sclerotherapy is amazingly small when it is performed by a well-trained sclerotherapist using an appropriate sclerosant.

May I go out in the sun after sclerotherapy?

There should be no problem as long as normal sun precautions are taken.

Does sclerotherapy cause side effects?

Side effects from sclerotherapy are generally quite mild. The most common is a light brownish stain which typically resolves without treatment. Tiny reddish blood vessels can develop around the treated area. These usually resolve without treatment. Occasionally there is trapped blood in larger veins that will become inflamed. This is easily removed or may be treated with anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen.

Do I have to wear compression hose after sclerotherapy?

Wearing graduated compression hose after sclerotherapy has been shown to improve the effectiveness of sclerotherapy and also decreases side effects. In general, compression hose should be worn at least one week after sclerotherapy although there is additional benefit when they are worn up to three weeks.

When may I resume normal activities after sclerotherapy?

Normal activities may begin immediately after sclerotherapy. Running and weight lifting are avoided and graduated compression hose should be worn over night the first night and during the day for at least one week.

How fast does sclerotherapy work?

Generally most of the improvement will be noticed within the first month after treatment. However, continued gradual improvement for several months will likely occur.

Will sclerotherapy get rid of my veins permanently?

The veins that are treated and disappear are gone permanently. Over time new visible veins may gradually develop. This varies tremendously from person-to-person. Periodic touchup sclerotherapy will control this problem.

How many treatments will I need?

This varies depending on the extent of the veins that are to be treated. For most people three to five treatments will be needed. Minor problems or touchup treatments usually require one or two treatments.

Who does the sclerotherapy treatments?

Dr. Crowther does all sclerotherapy (and all other) treatments in this practice.

Will insurance cover sclerotherapy treatments?

Medical insurance generally will not pay for cosmetic sclerotherapy.