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What you need to know about Spider Veins and Varicose Veins

Spider & Varicose Veins Info for San Antonio Residents

veins_imgMany people are afflicted with unsightly veins to their legs and elsewhere. These veins may include small red or purplish spider veins, medium-sized reticular (blue) veins and larger bulging varicose veins. Often these veins are associated with uncomfortable symptoms such as pain, pressure, burning, aching and tiredness of the legs.

Heredity is the largest predisposing factor for the development of varicose and spider veins. Women are more likely to suffer from vein problems although many men also have unsightly and painful veins. In women hormonal factors such as puberty, pregnancy, menopause and hormone therapy such as birth control pills and hormone supplements also play a significant role.

People who work in jobs that require prolonged standing without much walking are at increased risk of superficial vein disease. Increasing age and obesity are also associated with vein problems.

The long-term consequences of untreated vein disease can be progressive discomfort, serious skin problems and, eventually, venous ulcers. Vein problems will not resolve without intervention.